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Achieving IELTS Success With Your Academic Writing

I would like to give you some advice about the IELTS writing tasks. It is very important to understand what the examiners are looking for in your answers and not to write for the sake of writing.  Read more

Developing Good Organisational Skills

Too many times you see good, capable students not achieving the results they desire and possibly deserve. Why? A major reason is poor organization. Another contributing factor is poor time management. Find out what YOU can do to become a more organized IELTS student.  Read more

Do You Need A Hand?

In class, most IELTS students study formal English and sometimes these expression aren’t what people use everyday. People speak quite informally and we certainly love abbreviations, slang and using everyday expressions. Here are some examples.  Read more

How To Achieve Good IELTS Exam Results!

There is a lovely children’s story or fable, called ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’. The story tells the tale of how a hare, known for his speed, challenges the slow old tortoise to a race. Find out what this has got to do with achieving good exam results!  Read more

How To Kick Start Your IELTS Learning

One way to kick start your IELTS learning is to aim to learn a new expression, a new word and its word family (whether it is a noun, a verb or an adjective and what variations of the word exist), a new idiom or the spelling of a difficult word every day. If you succeed, you will have learnt 365 new words or expressions by the end of the year – and that is nothing to be sneezed at!  Read more

How to Use Contractions

It can be really fun when you are learning a new language and start to master some of the informal aspects of that language. Nowadays with text messaging it’s easy to quickly learn and ‘pick up’ these informal uses of language. Learn some examples.  Read more

Idioms Using Numbers

Idioms can be a lot of fun. Read this passage which uses number idioms to describe a variety of emotions and situations. Which ones do you already know? Which ones can you use in your own language?  Read more

Reading Is FUN!

Make some time each day for reading for pleasure and enjoyment. You may be amazed how it can help your IELTS score, and reading is fun!  Read more

Strategies For Guessing The Correct Word

Often in a reading text we are faced with a number of words that are completely unknown to us and without an understanding of these words you might be unable to fully understand the text. Do not despair; there are a number of strategies for guessing the correct word from a passage.  Read more

The IELTS Test - the keys to success

There is lots of material available to you about the IELTS test. There are many books and articles giving you the basic hints and tips for achieving your desired outcome. How many do you read? What should you do to get the results you want? Here are a few simple ways and ideas to help you on the road to success.  Read more

The Power of Brainstorming!

Everyone knows that a good essay is only as good as the planning that has gone into it. In fact before the pen even touches the paper, the main points of the essay should be jumping out at you. If they are not, you will need to take a minute to brainstorm — that is to make some rough notes on a scrap of paper in order to generate some ideas.  Read more

The Road to Successful IELTS Writing

Essay writing does not need to be feared. In fact it is really the easiest form of writing as there is a set structure to follow and lots of guidelines. If you follow the simple steps to writing a good essay you can’t go wrong.  Read more

The Top 4 Test Taking Tips For IELTS Writing

Once you have set your goal to undertake the IELTS test it is important to remember a few tips that will help you achieve the results you desire. Here are some tips that will help you when you are taking the IELTS Writing test.  Read more

The Top 5 Test Taking Tips For IELTS Reading

You have been practicing and preparing for the IELTS Reading test. As the time draws closer remember these 5 tips to help you with your studies and on the day of the test.  Read more

Tips to Help You with Spelling!

Not a day goes by in our job that we don’t come across words that are commonly misunderstood, misspelt or mistaken. These words sound similar, if not the same, yet have different meanings and completely different spellings. Do you often confuse which is which? Don’t worry; you are in the majority as most ESL students, as well as native speakers often confuse one for the other.  Read more

Top Ideas For Learning New Words

It can be quite overwhelming when you are learning a new language, as there can be so much to learn and remember. Learning new words in any language you are studying is vital for improving your abilities in all areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening. But how do you remember these words and more importantly, how do you remember the correct spelling?  Read more

Top Ideas For Practicing English, While On Holidays!

Generally most students have their long holiday or break from classes during the summer months when the weather is great. This is the perfect opportunity to go outside and meet people. What a wonderful chance to practice everything you have learnt in a real life situation. The best way to perfect your speaking skills is real practice.  Read more

Using Greetings

Greetings are one of the first things we learn when learning any new language. Why is that do you suppose? Because greetings are a vital part of any language, it is really important to be able to greet people appropriately whether they are your classmates, your teacher, your flat mates or someone helping you in a shop or even a stranger!  Read more

Using the Idiom- FANCY THAT!

The more you connect, communicate and share the better your language learning. Here's an example of the many ways to use the word 'fancy' and it's many meanings.  Read more

Using the 'Reading Time' Wisely In IELTS Exams!

What should you do in the reading time when you are taking an exam or test? I am often amazed at how many students do not utilize the reading time before a test or exam effectively. Recently when I questioned a group of students about what type of things they do in the reading time I was truly astonished by their responses.  Read more

What You Can Do to Prepare for the IELTS Reading Exam

How can you prepare for the IELTS Reading Exam? Find out by reading our IELTS preparation guidelines and tips.  Read more