How to Use Contractions

IELTS Vocabulary Tips

It can be really fun when you are learning a new language and start to master some of the informal aspects of that language. Nowadays with text messaging it’s easy to quickly learn and ‘pick up’ these informal uses of language. Some examples are:

 you u
at @
see you cu
While it is fun learning and using these with friends, it’s important to remember they have no place when writing using formal language.

Contractions (the short form of a word) are another way written English differs when using formal and informal language.

In formal speech and writing we do not use contractions. When making a speech or presentation you would speak like this:

Good afternoon everyone, firstly I would like to say thank you to the Mayor of Bright Town for inviting me here today ….

Whereas in informal speech or writing we usually use contractions. For example:

I’d like to says thanks to all my fans for coming to see me today ….

Here are some more example of sentences using conrtactions and then without using conrtactions:

Do not worry.  Don't worry.
You should not smoke. You shouldn't smoke.
Who would like an ice cream? Who'd like an ice cream?
I did not like it. I didn't like it.

TipPeople will understand you if you don’t use contractions when you speak, but contractions help you to speak faster and more smoothly. It is very important to understand contractions in order to improve your listening skills.

Keep practicing, communicating and connecting!