Top Ideas For Learning New Words

IELTS Vocabulary Tips

It can be quite overwhelming when you are learning a new language, as there can be so much to learn and remember. Learning new words in any language you are studying is vital for improving your abilities in all areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

As a teacher, at the beginning of a new course you want to find out what students are hoping to achieve and often the one thing they want is to learn new vocabulary words. This is great and a good idea to set yourself little goals.

We all know there are many ways to learn new words. For example, making flashcards or lists of words is a great way to boost your vocabulary. But how do you remember these words and more importantly, how do you remember the correct spelling?

In English we have lots of little sayings to help us remember rules for vocabulary and grammar. A saying is like a quote or something you can easily recite to help you to remember information.

For example: ‘the letter ‘i’ comes before letter ‘e’ except after letter ‘c’.

This means in English when you write any words using the letters ‘ie’ together ‘i’ always comes before the letter ‘e’ like in believe or relief.  But when there is a letter ‘c’ then letter ‘e’ always comes before letter ‘i’ like in receive or deceive.

So when you write using ‘ie’ words you can say to yourself; ‘i’ comes before ‘e’ except after ‘c’.

How do you know the difference between dessert and desert? That’s easy! The double ‘s’ makes it easy to remember because you always want two bowls of dessert!

I like these sayings and often use them when I want to remember a rule particularly as I am not a great speller.

Do you know any other rules or sayings that can help students with remembering their grammar and spelling words?

Add them to the list; let’s see how many we know and hopefully we can improve our spelling at the same time.