Top Ideas For Practicing English, While On Holidays!

IELTS Speaking Tips

Currently I am thinking about many students who are taking exams, madly finishing projects and reports and then, like myself, looking forward to holidays. 

It’s such a lovely and dreamy thought, a whole month break from classes. While it is very tempting to think I am not going to open a book or do any study or homework, this can be detrimental to your studies and learning. 

While I do think it is important to have a break and relax, holidays are a wonderful time to practice what you have learnt. While at the same time giving you the opportunity to continue your learning in different ways.

Generally most students have their long holiday or break from classes during the summer months when the weather is great. This is the perfect opportunity to go outside and meet people. What a wonderful chance to practice everything you have learnt in a real life situation. The best way to perfect your speaking skills is real practice.

On your holidays try everyday to have at least one conversation in English. Obviously the more the better. Make it part of your daily routine. 

This is particularly beneficial for students living and studying in an English speaking country. NO EXCUSES for you guys! 

Why not try reading new materials you don’t always have time to read when studying. Try to read an article from the newspaper, enjoy a novel or watch a movie without the sub titles. Other ideas are go to a café, listen to native speakers speaking English, ask a stranger a question or for directions, see if you can easily understand their response.

The parks, beaches and tourist places are full of holiday makers who are also relaxing, with time and who are happy to talk to you.

Add other suggestions for things for students to try during their holidays to ensure they continue to learn and practice while also enjoying some time away from the pressure of study.

What things have you tried?