Using Greetings

IELTS Speaking Tips

Greetings everyone!

Using new and appropriate greetings recently came up as a topic of conversation with a new group of students.

Greetings are one of the first things we learn when learning any new language. Why is that do you suppose?

Because greetings are a vital part of any language, it is really important to be able to greet people appropriately whether they are your classmates, your teacher, your flat mates or someone helping you in a shop or even a stranger!

Greeting people correctly establishes the kind of experiences you are likely to encounter and the kind of relationship you have with the person. For example, if you greet your classmates every morning with a heartfelt ‘hello’, you are more likely to make friends more quickly and easily. The same can be said about a salesman or woman in a store; if you greet them with a smile, they will probably treat you more kindly.

Let’s see how many greeting we can collectively come up with. Do you think you know more than 20 ways to greet people you might run into every day?

Are greetings the same for each person you meet or are there instances when a formal greeting is just too formal? Write a greeting you know; add one you have overheard or tried before. Tell us about your experiences and the reactions you got.

I’ll start ….

Good morning!

Extra practice: Look up the bold italicized words above in your dictionary.